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Financial Planning Software

Showcase your Professionalism. Enhance your Client’s Experience.

Why FinanceProjections

Differentiate Yourself

Impress your clients. Visually. Help them identify the gaps in their financial situation and see the impact of real-life scenarios and how the proposed solutions can help them.

Real-time Advice

More productive appointment. Get an overview of your client’s financial life laid out in minutes. Spend less time crunching numbers and focus on finding the best solutions for them.

Greater Clarity

No more estimated numbers. FinanceProjections charts provide the highest resolution for financial planning allowing you to create a precise picture of your client’s financial status.

Instant Trust

Increase professionalism. Add value to your relationship with demanding clients. Create interactive discussions with scenarios and plans.

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Let us show you how FinanceProjections can help with your financial planning career.

Differentiate Your Services.

Advise with Greater Clarity


What happens if your client’s suffer from disability or a closed family member pass on? How will they be affected financially?

Use visuals to present your clients’ financial needs as they strive to achieve their goals or when unexpected life events occur. Showcase your solutions to address their financial gaps.

Handle objections with precise and accurate projections of problems and solutions.

Financial Reports, Policy Summary and more

Create a Professional Financial Report or prepare a Policy Summary in a few simple clicks. Save valuable hours and spend more time on providing advice for your clients.

Hassle-free Goals Planning

Powerful goal templates simplify time-consuming and cumbersome data entry.

Analyse the financial impact of the same goal at different age in a few clicks.

What FinanceProjections Offers

Intuitive Charts

Change the way your client experience financial planning. No more boring reports, tables and charts. The FinanceProjections Dashboard allows you full control and flexibility to make the discussion with your client really productive and interactive.

Complexity made simple

Financial planning has never been easier. In just a simple seven steps, FinanceProjections maps out your client’s financial goals and capabilities to precision. Clients will be amazed when they see their financial goals instantly unfold in front of their eyes.

Inclusion of Existing Plans

Meeting a client with lots of existing plans is no longer a concern, because you can input existing plans into the charts to complement your recommendations. This makes FinanceProjections an excellent tool for client’s annual financial review as well

Access Anywhere

The online access allows you to meet your clients anywhere. High-fidelity data encryption technology is used to ensure data security. You also do not have to worry about misplacing your client’s information or storage of physical records anymore.

Scenario Planning

Life is full of changes, and FinanceProjections cater for such scenarios. Whether it is the sale of a property or an early retirement of a spouse, the scenario feature allows you to plan for it. You can provide quality financial advice without the fear of uncertainty.


FinanceProjections allows you to include your recommendations (including financial products) in a simple yet interactive manner. The client can instantly see how your recommendations will improve his chances of attaining his financial goals. This significantly increases the chances for your clients to say ’Yes!’ to your recommendations.


Keeping your data protected and secured.

Platform Security

Securing your data in transit and at rest with industry standard encryption technology.

Infrastructure Security

Protect your data from external threats with Symantec Cloud Workload protection on top of Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading Infrastructure Provider

Security Policies

Robust security policies such as 2FA, role-based access control and continuous training on Data Protection and Cyber security training ensures a high level of security awareness